New Technologies

"To infinity and beyond" - Buzz Lightyear

The technical due diligence on a New Technology can take a project a number of different directions. The independent engineer can add credibility to a new technology and work with the developer and the potential lenders to get the project built, tested, and full operational. Unfortunately, it is generally not this simple. Many new technologies have "kinks" to be worked out. The independent engineer's role is to help the developer work out those "kinks" to mitigate the risks to the project. If done properly, the this will help both the developer and the lender.

Unfortunately, New Technology projects do not always progress well. These projects typically have never been done before, so the independent engineer will evaluate the technology based on established practices in the energy business to evaluate the design as well that the plan for rolling out this design. Sometimes, the answer is, "No, this won't work as planned." However, we don't just stop there. We can propose suggestions to resolve the technical issues or propose mitigation factors to help make sure the new technology is financeable.

PF Engineers has helped developers and lenders in the evaluation of technologically advanced projects. Some of the technologies that we have reviewed include:

Whether you are a developer, sponsor, or a lender, PF Engineers can help you evaluate your new technology project(s) and make sure that a thorough due diligence effort is completed. We will work to mitigate the risks of the new technologies to make sure the project will function as planned.

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