Conventional Energy

The transition of established technologies to the power producers of tomorrow

Biofuels & Process Plants

Biofuels and Bio-technologies for improved sustainability with renewable resources

LM5000 Exhaust Stack

Renewable Energy

Integration of renewable technologies to power the world

New Technologies

The development of what's next for the projects of tomorrow

Technical Due Diligence is the Key to Success

"Developers, Owners, and Financiers should all benefit from the technical and financial expertise of an Independent Engineer to help mitigate risks and present solutions throughout the due diligence process to help champion the success of the project."
Independent Engineering

What is an IE?

The role of the Independent Engineer is often misunderstood. Here's our description of an Independent Engineer.

PF Engineers' Experience


The review of power plants with a combined capacity in excess of 50 Gigawatts and biofuel production in excess of 2 Billion gallons per year

PF Engineers' Services


Our services range from initial development and technology reviews through financing on to annual operations reviews.